Prefabricated steel agricultural structures can be built for a number of reasons and purposes. The buildings on a farm are several in number and each of them has a unique purpose. The small ones, such as chicken coops, are built mainly out of simple metallic frames with wood holding the structure together but the big ones definitely require prefabricated steel agricultural building kits.

Metal Church Buildings

At Titan Steel, we understand that nonprofit organizations such as houses of worship have to provide their services to numerous people despite certain budget constraints. When operating out of a brick and mortar church building, your ability to grow your congregation may be quite limited due to the sheer cost of expanding your facilities. We offer a more economical and aesthetically pleasing solution in the form of prefabricated steel church buildings.


Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Here at Titan Steel we have come to understand that an abundance of companies and businesses are expanding their operations into the manufacturing industries. Whether it be industrial, retail, wholesale, and or and other type of manufacturing your business might be doing, Titan Steel Structures has been on the forefront in providing companies with a more cost-effective option for their expansion of their prefabricated steel commercial building kit.

prefabricated steel auto shop building

Vehicle Storage Buildings

Classic cars are not a necessary investment – they are a work of art for auto enthusiasts who are passionate about maintaining a stunning collection. Many collectors choose prefab metal vehicle storage building kits. However, a regular garage doesn’t have the right features to help you keep your collection of classic cars safe and in pristine condition for you to showcase to your guests.

Hay Storage Buildings

Steel hay storage buildings, much like many other farm structures, need to accomplish much more than meets the eye. They are not simply places to let your hay sit around until you need it.